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A Work At Home Parent is a really a businessman or businesswoman that takes care of children while working from their home.

They may conduct business at home for a lot of reasons, the best reasons is to get the flexibility to plan their time between business and family. They are a special type of of entrepreneurs with the opportunity of working their own hours all the while spending time with their children and family at the same time fulfilling social obligations.

The main objective of a Work At Home Parent would be to integrate their business time with parenting responsibilities without a loss in income or opportunity.

That is why starting an online business is such a great opportunity for work at home parents it gives just that the Flexibility to choose  your own hours from home at the time more suitable and in shorter spurts than in a continuous process that will not allow you to give it to your family.

I found this video that talk about a great truth that only parents can relate to managing a home, time is not the same for the rest of the world, check it out and tell me if you can relate to this.

That is the beauty of starting a online business and becoming a work at home parent because you can manage it around your time and families needs, and that is the great thing about fiverr that your gigs can be set in a way that they wont conflict with the schedule you set to give pryority for what is most important your family.


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