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To become a successful blogger, it’s absolutely essential that you do Two Things:

  1. Blog about a topic you love DOING.
  2. Enjoy the PROCESS of blogging and creating content for your blog that is related to that topic of choice.

Like we talk on our previous blog post about Starting A Blog as a Online Business The bottom line with is getting into the flow state, is that it’s all about the PROCESS of doing something, as apposed to the RESULT of doing something. In other words, it’s important to be enjoying the activities for the sake of doing them, as apposed to slaving away at an unpleasant activity just because it has a desirable outcome.

Do you get what I’m saying here????

I can’t stress these two points above enough. If either of the above two criteria are not met, you’ll find it difficult to succeed or even start as a blogger. So, before you even think about coming up with different topics for your blog, let’s have a closer look at each one of the above two points…

Blogging about a topic you love DOING

Example if a young person takes on a demanding Law degree because they like the prospect of earning a high salary. Sooner or later, if they do not enjoy the process of working with the law, they’ll discover that their job becomes unbearable and soul draining, even though they may be getting a nice fat pay check week after week. Even though the result is desirable, the actual process of getting may be excruciatingly painful.

It’s key here that you select a topic that you love creating content for your blog. A topic where you enjoy the PROCESS of getting engaged in it as apposed to the RESULT. Of course, the ideal is to get enjoyment out of both the process AND the result. When you can achieve THAT, you’ll be on a winning streak.

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Enjoy the PROCESS of blogging and creating content

First of all, blogging requires that you learn the skill of blogging. At first you may feel overwhelmed and maybe even anxious about it, but as you practice more and more, your skill level will increase to meet the challenge, increasing your chance of getting into the flow of blogging.

In terms of a goal for blogging, a typical goal is to create a blog post. That’s a fairly clear and concrete goal, and it’s even possible to visualize a blog post to some extent.

Once you Brainstorm a massive list, or mindmap of the things you know about this topic you choose for the blog post the point is to come up with as many options as possible, so that you can get a nice overview of all the different angles that you could possibly blog about on this post. And then, when you’re done with that, you can narrow down to your favorites.

I strongly suggest you use a mind map for this exercise. Using a mind map will not only help your ideas flow better, but it will also help you come up with new topics WITHIN existing topics. And just having everything in a mind map format will also help you visualize all your different topics so much better.

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