Many peoples main goal for blogging is to make a profit, and this goal is not far beyond your reach if your are willing to do the work, and a basic grasp of blogging technology.

Most people who attempt to make money with their blogs do not succeed for two reasons:

  1. Often, bloggers have unrealistic expectations of how fast their readership will grow and how much money they will make, and when these expectations are not met the disappointment can crush the desire to continue blogging.
  2. The other trap that many bloggers fall into has to do with lack of planning. If you want to turn a
    profit as a blogger, the key to success is to make a realistic plan and stick with it.

To succeed at making a profit with your blog, the main thing that you will need is a large readership. The higher your traffic, the more advertisers will agree to pay you.However, cultivating the regular visitors that you will need in order to make a profit you have to be able to create great content and stick to your planning schedule for your blog writing.

Creating your blogging plan schedule is not as difficult as you think here is a great video that will give you a good  idea on how to start doing it.

Try to stay committed to your blogging project and your schedule during this initial rough period.
To stay motivated, set goals for how often you will update and how many readers you want to attract, and then reward yourself for sticking with your plan.

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