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Starting a new Business either online or offline is quite challenging specially if you have to manage your time between your work, your business demands and your kids. But There’s no denying that the internet has changed the way we work and live.

This is more impact full in how we do business, there is a rise of freelancers in the American workforce. If you come to consider the extreme difference of investment not only in money but the flexibility of location and work hours this is no surprise.

There are a wide variety of platforms and marketplaces where you can build your business and make your business a reality. Best part is, it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money – Fiverr is one of them- you can start from scratch without investing a dime and start earning from the start. If you haven, seen our small post on what Fiverr is you can see it by clicking here.

And the great news is that you dont have to wait to start you can start anytime soon earning with a skill that you already have and probably are doing just for fun right now and this is a great thing because that if you already love doing that thing for free is going to carry you through the rough patch that eventually you will find as with juggling with earning money and finding the time to earn it when you have kids.

You will be surprise of what type of services you can offer on Fiverr and that will people are willing to pay you $5 for doing it. its all a matter of logistic on how to set it up and going about offering your service,  in the following days we will be writing more on the basic of starting your gigs and how to set them up that gives you the best chances for success so dont  forget to come back and leave us any questions on the comment box that you would like us to answer, so stay tune.


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