Now days with increasing technology changing lives, there are many changes faced in the business area too. There are wide opening of business opportunities for entrepreneurs. specially online. When it comes to online Blogging is one of the most intereresting ones to start.

They come in All sizes, types, nationalities and ages here is and example of people over 80 that they are doing it and what they say:


The Fun of Blogging at 80-plus“If we can persuade others of my generation to join in and enjoy blogging, we may have altered the whole picture of a lonely old age!” Blogging is brilliant! I had no idea. “Blogging,” said a friend of mine. “Why on earth would you want to do that? It […]

What a super thing to discover at 81 that writing is still alive and that a pleasure you thought had been lost is still possible—and better than ever! It is free, it is quick, and it’s open to anyone. No editorial hand or printer or publisher is in the way. It is direct, me to you and you to me. Blogging has revitalized my life at 81. I feel as if I have the whole world as pen pals!

This are people from Africa who are making there way onlineThe Fun of Blogging at 80-plus

Otufodunrin stated this at the inaugural webinar of themed “Digital Media Gurus Speak: How to monetise online media opportunities online.”

“The online platform is not an end to making money. It only provides a leverage to flourish especially for those who are willing to tap into such leverages. For me, I made my first money online two years after establishing CKN News. And that was just N5000. This was after two consecutive years of hard work in the online space,” the CKN publisher.

Want to know what you need to start a blog?? and learn how each element of your blogs blends with your blog is crucial for the long-term success for your business blog.

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5 Little Steps That Can Get You An Online Business and Have It Pay For Itself

You Will Find Out:

* How to set up the rigth mindset to start your Business
*  How to Choose Your Niche and Do quick Market Research.
* How To select the Rigth Domain.


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